Basement Waterproofing – Simple Tips to Protect Your Home

basement waterproofingBasement waterproofing is a necessary home maintenance task which could save your house from the incidence of over flooding. This can happen because of two reasons, water coming from rain or sewage pipe. As an expert contractor in foundation and basement waterproofing in Ottawa, we will tell you why you should do the necessary preventions to safeguard your basement. Many people talk about lying a proper grading system, but this cannot solve the problem because it is only a part of the solution.

Over-flooding is an emergency situation at home, and it could cause considerable destruction of your property by destroying your valuables or may be causing an electric fire. Another condition which requires immediate attention is the gradual deposition of moisture in your crawl area. It results in the mold growth which may cause your family members to fall sick infrequent intervals.

Flood can cause damage in many ways

  • It could cause the breaking up of sanitary and sewage line and water may enter into your house
  • Breaking down of the rain gutters
  • Cause crack to develop in the foundation
  • It might cause the breaking up of the drainage tile
  • Inadequate grading system around your house
  • If water does not cause any of these problems, it may cause moisture to build up in your house.

Mold is the hidden killer

Mold automatically develops in areas covered with darkness and damp. It is likely that you will not see it with open eyes as it will hide behind the wall of your basement. Usually, there is a typical smell of mold present in the basement. To discover from where the smell is coming, you should contact a professional company to perform basement waterproofing work. These professionals use a moisture meter to detect the presence of moisture r they can see it through the infra camera. They will recommend the best mold removal option for your house.

Preventing sewage break up

For effective prevention of coming of rainwater to your home,  we would suggest disconnecting rainwater pipe, creating a backwater valve and maintaining a water sump pump in your basement which will collect groundwater and send it back outside of the house.

What to look for when choosing a waterproofing contractor for your home

The first thing to check for if the company has proper experience in handling these things. Any mishandling in this field will lead to serious consequences. Before starting of work, you should check there is no public utility lying nearby to your basement.

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