Weeping Tile Installation: Secure A Healthy Foundation For Your Home

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Have you ever come across the term weeping tile? They are a specific type of tiles usually installed in the interior or exterior of the basements and they do not resemble the ones that are installed in the interiors floors or walls. They form a part of a complex drainage system to protect your basement from water damage.

Weeping tiles are required to be installed in every house

Whether you live in a flood-affected area or a place with scanty rainfall, weeping tiles are essentially featured in every house. They prevent moisture build-up in the foundation and give stability to the structure against any possible jolts and damages.

If your basement is over-flooded after a heavy rainfall then a sound structure underground can save your house and it includes sump pumps, waterproofing, and weeping tiles. Sound functioning of all these is necessary to safeguard the structure of your house against water damage. For maximum benefit, they need to be installed in the right manner.

Difference between exterior and interior weeping tiles

Exterior weeping tiles are installed underground outside of the house along the line of foundation so that moisture cannot deposit in the foundation area. While interior weeping tiles goes along inside of the basement that goes to the floors, or to the endpoint of the structure or to any water leakage underneath. Both systems have their own advantages.

tile installation in Ottawa

Water leakage can happen from many sources like in situations when there is excessive rainfall or a regular watering in your garden. Under these conditions, significant soil erosion happens and they cause the foundation to move from its original condition which results in cracks, instability in the doors and windows and many other expensive repairing options you might found yourself.

Weeping Tile installation comes with many benefits

Whatever type of quality weeping tile you choose for your home the main objective behind installing them is to minimize the damages caused by leakage of water. They are preferred because –

  • They are the most affordable ways to divert the water away from your home, whether it is caused by rain or water coming from the drain.
  • They never interfere in the aesthetic appeal of your home as they are adjusted under the foundation floor.
  • They work to improve the structure of your house and extend the life of your foundation by acting against the hydrostatic pressure.
  • They help in the real estate negotiations on the eve of any reselling of a property.
  • Weeping tile installation provides you a moisture-free, clean and dry foundation.

Concluding words

You should take help of a professional service provider to understand the benefits of interior and exterior weeping tile system and to decide which would be the right option for your home. Tile installation whether it is basement tiles or drain tiles is never a DIY task as it is complicated.

If you are looking for tile installation in Ottawa, choose a professional who is a local area expert and have knowledge about how to address the unique requirements of drain tiles in your house.







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