Everything You Need to Know About Basement Waterproofing

tips for waterproofing basement walls

The basement is one of the most important as well as the most problematic area of our home. Its strength and weakness matter a lot for the life span of our foundation. Water leakage prone and moisturized basements cause flooding which cannot be ever expected by any household. So what’s the way out? Let’s obtain some safety and get our basement waterproofed.

Why basement waterproofing is necessary

If you are ignoring your leaky basement, then be alert! It can even put your life in danger if the proper measure is not taken on time. Waterproofing is thus the best option to take to prevent the water damage caused to the basement. It can prevent the damp, leaky or wet basement and thereby protects you from any unstable factor to be caused to your foundation. Any professional basement waterproofing contractor inspects the leaks and other problems occurred in your basement and thereby determines the best way for waterproofing.

There are aspects which need to be considered by the roofers before adopting the method for waterproofing. It varies by the damage type and severity of damage in the basement.

 3 major types of waterproofing method

There are basically 3 types of the method as employed by the roofers. Let’s talk about them in detail and make you understand the suitable one for you,

Interior sealants: Sealants are the most important thing that can cause damage to the basement very soon. Professional roofers use interior sealants for this purpose. The material that is used in it, helps in keeping the basement dry. It is used as a temporary basement waterproofing tool. It is designed on the basis of atmospheric humidity level so that the basement will remain low on humidity irrespective of the outside level.

Interior sealants - Waterproofing

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Interior water drainage: This method is taken to rescue the basement from any water damage. Most of the times, because of water blockage in the basement, it remains dry all the time and makes it weaker with the passage of time. With the help of this interior water drainage method, the roofers ensure you with a secure foundation for a long time. It is installed approximately one or two days, depending on the type and size of the basement as well as its construction system.

types of waterproofing method

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Exterior basement waterproofing: Now the final phase comes with making the exterior of your foundation to get waterproofed. It is one of the toughest and costly phases of all other required steps of waterproofing. This is because the more nicely the basement exterior is waterproofed the vibrant will be the lasting of the foundation and vice versa. Moreover, the roofers also need to be more careful while opting for this method. Roofers usually use polymer material to waterproof the exterior. The material passes through the tests of time so that its effectiveness can be enhanced.

Exterior basement waterproofing

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Wrap up

So, hope you are now ready to get your basement waterproofed. If you are a resident of Ottawa, then you can call us for your requirement. We are renowned among all our customers for our better quality materials to be used in basement waterproofing in Ottawa and other nearby areas. Moreover, if you are concerned about your spending to be worth one, this will be the best choice for sure. We have designed our charges easily affordable to anyone without making your compromised with your budget at all. Our professional roofing contractors are having long years of experience in this field and thus well known by all the requisites of your foundation and advanced waterproofing techniques. So, enhance the shelf life of your foundation with perfect basement waterproofing service today!


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