Need a perfect foundation- let’s have a look at it

To get a perfect repair service, you must know the requirements of the foundation well. This is because, with the different types of foundations, its requirements too, keep on changing. As there are different types of foundations, so the requirement for each keeps on changing) Without having proper knowledge, it might lead to an early damage, So, let’s not waste any more time and get started with the basic types of foundations and their requirements Here in this blog, we will discuss the different types of foundations and their requirements and needs.

Different types of foundations and their repairing requirements

There are commonly 4 types of foundations as approached by most of the homeowners. Although we people don’t bother much about our foundation, as the foundation changes so do its requirements. So, let’s start our clock to know our foundation deeply.

    • Concrete slab foundation

It is the most vital type of foundation in (For) the places where the weather remains hot in most seasons. It is however commonly utilized in modern home buildings, the slabs are usually formed with concrete blocks. It is the cheapest foundation option available and one can get the quickest solution always with it. Moreover, no space remains between the rooms and the foundation due to the slabs.

    • Requirements

A slab foundation requires service when the water beneath the slab is effect negatively to the foundation. To understand this, you just need to observe the leakage sign of overpressure or drain lines under the house, etc. It can also be checked with the help of a simple test of hydrostatic pressure. You can even take help from a professional foundation service providers or plumber as well.

    • Basement foundation

Basement foundations are used in many countries to strengthen the base of their building. These are built with pillars of the concrete perimeter. It supports the structure of the building above the ground. These are dug at minimum 8 feet deep from the home footing.

    • Requirements

As the basement is very necessary to have a strong foundation, you should have to take proper care of its requirements. If you see in leaking, water blockage, dampness, suffocation because of stinky odor, etc., you should go for professional foundation repair service. They will effectively check all the required services for your basement and make it perfect for a longer life of your foundation.

    • Crawl space

This is another popular type of foundation that is built in a small structure. As the name explains, crawl space foundations are usually used when it is very hard to dig the soil. It is dug not more than three to four feet high and is built with concrete pillars to support the structure.

    • Requirements

If you see any wet or musty crawl space in your foundation, just work on its requirements. This can be better solved with the help of professional foundation service providers. They investigate all the noticed as well as unnoticed factors involved with your foundation and make it a better one with all the relative service requirements.

    • Pier foundation

Pier foundation is usually constructed using small squared or circular pads made with concrete. It is although located in strategic points of the building, usually carried out on the outer part of the home. These pads are inserted securely into the ground with the help of steel rods or wood posts to connect with the home.

    • Requirements

You can detect the requirements by following the signs of decaying, damaging of beams wood, water movements in the interior pier, failure of the shim, sagging of floors, etc. If you see any of these signs, you need to call for the repair service immediately before it goes worst.

Concluding remark

Now, hope you get the knowledge regarding the type of your foundation and what repair service you should opt for. If you are thinking to serve the solution on your own, it may be very risky as well as difficult at the same time. This is because, by doing the work unprofessionally and without proper equipment, any positive result cannot be expected in any way. We, Foundation Service Ottawa (FSO), provide you with an ultimate foundation repair in Ottawa. Our professionals are well-known about the needs and requirements of any type of foundation and thereby can able to suggest you with the best service to resolve it. Opt for superior works; hire for professional touch up-call us now to enhance the life of your foundation.

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